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After 4 is a documentary series created by the students of 3rd CPE that aims to bring out the stories of students in St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, who balance their academia and workmanship simultaneously.


In the first episode by the Multimedia Production team of 3rd CPE, We bring to you the story of Kalyani Madathilkatt, a student pursuing the said course, i.e. Bachelors of Arts in Communicative English, Political Science, & Economics. We dwell into her life as an enthusiast of the corporate sector.

By the end of the episode, we also learn about the experiences that led her to become a working member of the same.

To see this ‘Corporate Fairy Tale’ Click on the link below.

Episode 2 – The Weighing Scale

After 4, in its 2nd episode brings to you yet another story. This time, we have Hemanth Arjun, a student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Joseph’s College. A Weighing Scale is a recollection by Hemanth about his life in terms of his work and personal lives existing together.

His many shades are represented through the lens of the Multimedia Journalism Productions team through journalistic and creatively audio-visual efforts.

Switch Captions on for subtitles.

Episode 3 – Above & Beyond

In the third episode our hosts sit down with aspiring model Miss. Poojashree. She shares her day to day struggles, the stereotypes attached to her work and much more.

After 4: Special Episode

In lieu of the support from our viewers, we bring all of you a special episode of After 4. Meet Chuba Walling, an aspiring youngster who shares his story of the risks, thoughts, and actions that guided him to a professionally satisfying place.

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