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Googling is better than having a question-mark face

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From Darkness to Light

I think Google is making our life easier. At least for me, it has helped a lot. Sometimes I would crack my head and think why I can’t remember the double meaning of words or X-rated words. And at the same time, I feel safe that I’m not introduced to these things. Till now I haven’t spoken about these things to my mom. I don’t mind calling Google as mother because it has cleared all my doubts in seconds. But only problem is it requires internet.

I was in 10th when I first Googled these words for the first time. It was in the evening when my cousins and I were watching a Tamil movie Kannathil Muthamittal on TV. In between the movie there were lot of advertisements and one of them was a contraceptive ad. Five ladies ramp walk with a handsome guy and he’ll say the name of the condom company and wink. It made me very curious and I asked my brother what exactly he meant. He didn’t have the guts to explain it to me because I was still in school. He took his mobile and googled it.

“Aishu, if you want to know any meaning, you should google”, he said. Later on, whenever I heard words I didn’t understand, I would google. But still sometimes I failed to understand even after doing this.

In my PU, I was a decent kid who would finish class, ask lecturers if they needed any help and leave the premises. I never bunked classes except once and that too with the mentor’s permission. My friends never used many abusive words in front of me and I could never remember those words because I didn’t have a phone to google it on the spot.

In degree, I have learned many more things and I’m grateful to my friends who were open-minded and never hesitated to explain anything and everything. My friends would use swear-words and other Kannada slang. I started googling all these words even then google failed to give satisfactory explanation.

My google history was filled with these words. One day, I met my PU friends and one of my friends wanted to google about Kannada actors and he saw my history and started shouting that I google all these words, I was embarrassed. Even now when I meet them, they laugh at my incapability of using those words. The moment I cleared the history, I would forget the meaning. Because to register the meaning, I had to  google the same word again and again.

My psychology teacher in PU explained sex to me, by drawing sperms, and described the whole process for an hour. Till then I never knew how a baby was born. It was gross. After that, I didn’t think about it.

My friend D told me about 50 shades and said it’s too deep and all. I decided to watch that movie without my parents’ knowledge even though I was scared. First time when I watched, I was like “Raama Raama, what the hell are they doing?” and I didn’t even understand the movie. The movie was disgusting, I planned watching it for the second time after 12 am so that no one at home could guess I’m watching such a movie. Second time also I didn’t understand anything. I would think ‘why are they doing this all the time? Aren’t they bored of it?’

Fine, I watched it again. Still I didn’t get why they were doing all of that, but I only liked the way Anastasia Steele carried her emotions throughout. I didn’t leave that there; I watched it over and over again till I understood it completely. It was fascinating. When everyone waited for February to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I waited for part two, The Fifty Shades Darker to hit the theatres. Fortunately or unfortunately, I couldn’t watch it in the theatre.

Six months ago, I noticed that my friend had a blood clot on her neck. Initially I was worried, but she seemed to be alright. In fact, she was happy. Later I heard somebody say that it was a hickey. Okay, I don’t know what a hickey is. I didn’t say anything when she said that. Once I reached home, the first thing I did was to google the word hickey. It said love-bite and all. I was not satisfied because I didn’t understand. I searched it on YouTube and watched a hickey tutorial. It was interesting and I tried it on my hand. It was very painful.

After all this, I felt confident that I can now understand every word my friends spoke, and felt happy. But I was wrong. My friend, let’s call him Loafer, keeps making fun of me, I don’t know what joy he gets out of it. The other day he asked me the meaning of some new word. I was surprised but I knew it would be some double-meaning word. He knew I would use my phone and said “Macha nodo google maadakke ready aadlu” (She’ll google it now). Oh God, I still don’t know many things. But fine, I can still use google whenever I want.

I have to mention the most recent word. The word was Base-1. I read about that it and they had explained in detail. I was surprised to know that there are stages as Base-1 till Base-5. This other friend for the fun of it said google Base-7 and I readily did so. A gaming picture popped up.

‘I was like seriously?’ This too have stages like in psychology. Though I didn’t make sense, I was at least introduced to this word. Next time if someone uses it, I need not look blank or keep a question-mark face. Google is always there to help me. All the time.

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  1. Prithvi 18th January 2018

    I Love your approach towards life.. Keep it going..keep learning. Google ki jai go!!
    Your the best the way you are. Cheers:)

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