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Inside My Life

I’m tired of living outside my life.

I want to live inside my life.

I want to become aware of every shift in the climate inside me.

Sense every beat of my blood and pulse.

Bathe every word that comes out of me in slow mugs of hours.

Watch every word that comes into me on its way through my veins.

Learn to see my mother again in my twisted, weak feet.

Look at my shaking hands till they settle in the basin of my head.

Open the closed windows and doors inside me and smell the trapped air leave.

Turn mirrors toward me and examine the tapestry of me, learn its weave.

I want to be found dead inside my own life.

I’m tired of living outside my life.

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  1. Shwetha 15th January 2017

    Lovely..this is something I would also want to do..

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