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Nivin Pauly, from the girl who fell in love

I sit on my side of the bed, huddled up with my 3 pillows and heavy quilt. I shut the door of the balcony and bedroom. While Mama prepares something in the kitchen, I watch with uttermost delight. I don’t understand anything but watch as if I am a part of the movie.

My friends pestered me to watch ‘Bangalore days’ when I first moved in from Maharashtra. I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I didn’t have any expectations because I wasn’t going to watch it. Years went by.

4 years later, I sit in my dark room with a Cheshire cat grin on my face watching ‘Bangalore Days’. It is an unsaid rule that you watch movies in dull dim surroundings. That is the best way to go.

I stuff my ears with my earphones and press play. I also take a boomerang to post on Instagram, finally proud that I’m watching the legendary, famous movie. I ignore the utensil bangs in the kitchen. Mama was trying to cook something new. She had already mastered rum filled chocolates, puffs and bread. I think she was trying to make kit-kats. She walks into my room, bringing me out of my movie trance and leaves in 5 minutes.

Bangalore Days was the first Malayalam movie I watched. I didn’t understand the language but subtitles helped. The opening song of the movie had me mesmerized. Or maybe it was the opening scene where a fresh-out-of-college Divya is advised to get married to avoid some bad juju. Nazriya’s acting got me star struck. She acted like the character was tailor-made for her. I felt for every character of the movie. Including Meenakshi and the parents. The movie seemed so realistic and true. It seemed like it could happen in real life. But yet it wouldn’t.

Why didn’t I know about regional movies before, was I that stuck up to not consider south Indian movies as good movies?

I watched the movie with regular intervals. I wasn’t used to such long movies. I finished the movie at 1:30am and slept with a smile on my face.

Thus, Bangalore Days began the roll of Malayalam films in my life. I targeted one actor, Nivin Pauly. Safe to say, I was in love.  Like any typical girl having a crush, I avoided him for the first day. I watched instead, Ustaad Hotel, starring Dulquer Salmaan. It was a pathetic attempt to like the generic ‘cute’ star of the Malayalam film industry, and not the scrawny IT guy Nivin Pauly was as Kuttan.

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It was the same routine – closed doors, room dark, fan fast, heavy quilt and 3 pillows and an Instagram story. I must have given a very crazy obsession vibe to people, but I didn’t care. I was happy and content with my fictional characters in front of me. It took me two days to finish Ustaad Hotel – two days of teasing comments by family and friends for me to finish the movie. “Is it because S is malayali that you have started to watch Malayalam movies”, “Oh, Oh what’s this new obsession” but little did they know I was crazy about something else. I was crazy about the simple dreamlike plot, the type that seemed realistic to girls who’d want to fall in love. I was crazy about the songs and view of the movies. I was crazy about the actors and how underrated they were.  But they didn’t need to know that.

In the next 3 days I started my third movie “Ohm Shanti Oshana”. And I was shocked. Nivin Pauly isn’t the same scrawny IT guy anymore, he was tall, bearded, little dad-bod Nivin Pauly. It was only after a week that I realized I have a full-fledged crush on Nivin Pauly, I wanted to marry him. But after serious stalking I was introduced to his wife and then child. My dream shattered like my grandmother’s antique plates. I shall move on, eventually. Until then, I’ll wait for the next free day to watch Premam.

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  1. No one 10th August 2019

    Haha. Interesting.
    It was fun reading ur article. Nivin isn’t someone you can ignore lol.
    He has the charm and innocence Mohanlal had when he was young.

    But I HIGHLY suggest not to watch Premam yet. Because you keep the best for the last.
    For Romance, watch Thattathin Marayathu (2012) which gave him a break to a lead actor.
    Watch 1983 (2014) if you like Cricket.
    Neram (2013) is good too but not the top league. It’s Premam director’s first movie.
    His movies in 2016 Action Hero Biju and Jacobinte Swargarajyam are great too.
    Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela (2017)
    Hey Jude (2018) you will see a new Nivin Pauly.

    And watch Premam at last.
    If not watching Premam will make you go crazy in love and you may not enjoy his other works.

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