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Sautéed by the city noise

//What would you do if you forgot to Art?// 

It strips me of my passion first;

slowly tearing apart my gift of weaving magic from sights, sounds and smells, into tiny shreds.

It then moves on to wipe off every recollection I’ve ever had to a point where, I’m no longer able to paint fragments of the galaxy onto a single sheet.

It erases, it smudges, it breaks in, it fractures my equanimity and fills in the cracks with blather.

It makes my bones coil and prepare for a war with everything I’ve ever known.

Sooner or later, I fear the fiend’s fist will creep into my mind and my skill to art will cease to exist.


Art by Anusha Sinha



Caramelised in the hazy light,

served warm with the evening sunset.

He’s the city with the dancing lights ;

known best for the smiles he’s spread.

He lives in a house that’s not a home:

devastated and broken.

Sautéed by the city noise,

served cold with the winter rain.

She’s the wreckage after a storm ;

known best for the trouble she has caused.

She is a nomad on vacation :

devastated and broken.

One day their paths crossed,

She found solace in him and

in her streets and sheets he found his home.

Art by Anusha Sinha

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